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Yes, I am a Normal Challenged Artist with Multiple Creativity Disorder.  I’m not looking for a cure either.  I can not and will not be boxed into one style of art, one medium or one subject matter.  I love to do art of all kinds and use a variety of mediums from the “real world” like watercolor, colored pencil, acrylics and “found” objects and I love digital art too.

In the forty years that I have been a professional artist (I got my first commercial art commission at age 18) I have tried just about every form, style and subject matter in my path to becoming the “normal challenged artist” known as Pop Art Diva.

I love rich, bright colors and my own personal style is definitely contemporary, inspired by the art and artists I loved as a child and young adult.  In my work you will see the shadows of Dali and Thiebaud as they meet Disney, Peter Max and Warhol – probably all in some little French bistro in Neverland while drinking martinis and sketching can-can girls.

My mind is sort of like Fantasy Land on acid except I don’t believe in hallucinogenics or drugs of any sort!  With a brain like mine it’s kind of superfluous!  No, I don’t call martinis drugs but that’s another story.

You are about to enter PopArtDiva Land.  Please make sure your safety belt is locked in, keep your hands and appendages inside the vehicle and hang tight – it’s going to be a wild ride.  You must be this tall *—–* to enter.

PopArtDiva's 57th Birthday


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi
    Is there a way to contact you by email or IM?
    I would like to ask you few questions. You can reply me to my email (if you hava a MSN you can add me with this email).
    Thank you.

    • you may contact me at territemporary@gmail.com

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