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The Mini Original Acrylic Canvas Pop Art Divas are Up!

Posted in Canvas on November 22, 2009 by popartdiva


These two paintings were a new take on my usual rainbow coloring of the Pop Art Divas Series.  I wanted to get away from the rainbow coloring of the hair and go a little more neutral for a change.  Even I can get tired of too much color believe it or not!  I found that I really like this look and might continue the series in this style since I’ve already done a good number of the rainbow haired divas.

Original Acrylic on Canvas Board Pop Art Diva Painting


Original 5″x7″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board

$95.00 Plus Shipping*

Contact Me to Purchase “CHEEKY HEART” Original Art


Original 4″x6″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board

$75.00 Plus Shipping*

Contact Me to Purchase “DIVA WITH BLING” Original Art




Original 4″ X 6″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board

$75.00 Plus Shipping*

Contact Me to Purchase “HEART WINKS” Original Art



Original 4″x6″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board

$75.00 Plus Shipping

Contact Me to Purchase “WAVY LADY” Original Art





Original 6″x8″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board

$105.00 Plus Shipping*

Contact Me to Purchase “MYSTICAL MELONIE” Original Art

*I ship by Boxed Priority Mail – if you live in the U.S. the total shipping cost is $12. If you live outside the US I can figure your shipping costs once I have your address.

Care: Dust lightly with a soft cloth, most are standard frame sizes and frames can be found to fit but you can just set the canvas up on a small easel or plate holder!


No White Paint??? Curses, foiled again!

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I’m very disappointed.  I went to set up my painting session, opened the drawer where my paints are and my white paint had dried up completely!  I cannot paint without white – oh, yeah I could do watercolor style using the acrylics as washes and the canvas for the white but that’s not what I want for my canvas Pop Art Divas.

Yeah, I can drive 15 miles to a Michaels’ and 15 miles back but there goes half my day.  So, no painting today.  I ordered supplies online and hopefully they’ll arrive by next weekend.

In the meantime, I think I’ll sketch a few Pop Art Divas on watercolor paper because I also ordered a nice big set of watercolors – I’m not getting caught out again, boy howdy!

I’m so disappointed I might end up eating this whole caramel apple pie:

If you can't paint - Eat?
If you can’t paint – Eat?

And if the pie doesn’t work I might have to dig into this:

My Friends, Ben & Jerry, will commiserate with me.
My Friends, Ben & Jerry, will commiserate with me.

TODAY THE SKETCHES – TOMORROW THE PAINT! Pop Art Divas are going “live” tomorrow!

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3 more Pop Art Divas Sketches

3 more Pop Art Divas Sketches

Got a few more sketches done in preparation for my First Day of Returning to Painting.  I’ve capitalized it because it’s a red letter day for me, the day I get that sable brush back in my hand and start shoving paint around on a canvas again.

I still haven’t figured out where I’m going to paint.  Since these paintings are going to be purely for my own artistic pleasure I want to have a truly enjoyable experience doing them.  That means I want to have some great old movies lined up to watch, some perfect painting snacks and a very comfortable place to paint.

Since these are miniatures I won’t need the kind of work space I’m used to.  Basically all I need is a table to do the painting on and another to the right for my paints, brushes and other paraphernalia and a comfortable seat with a place to put my feet up.  I’ll work on that later today.

I have a few designs to do on the computer today – one is a Thanksgiving design for my holiday store – Happy Holly Daze.  I’m currently featuring my Halloween Products but need to get a few Turkey Day things up too.  I’ll be smelling the aroma of my dinner all day – I need good solid fuel for my painting tomorrow so I got up early and prepared my Spanish Pork Stew – the pork was “cubed” and it’s got lots of nice Spanish flavors so I’m thinking I might end up with some Picasso style cubist Pop Art Divas today!

Here it is below at 9 a.m. this morning simmering away in my crock pot, I’m having it with a nice Merlot and some warm buttery San Francisco Sourdough bread – a good reward for an industrious artist:

Fuel for the Artistic Soul

Fuel for the Artistic Soul

Pop Art Divas – A few new sketches

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More PopArtDivas SketchesI can sketch a few of these while a commercial comes on or while I wait for a Photoshop filter so I got a few more sketches done for my miniature original paintings in the Pop Art Divas series.

I’m thinking that I might just have a few more original art projects up my sleeves too – like hand painted martini glasses!

Hoping to get to the painting this coming weekend.

Below is a picture of my afternoon snack – just in case you’re interested in what fuels my normal challenged creativity.

Afternoon Snack

Introducing the Pop Art Divas – Original Miniature Paintings by PopArtDiva

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First Sketches for Pop Art DivasLately I have found myself with a growing need to do some hands on painting and sketching again.  These days I spend most of my time doing Graphic Design, Illustration and Contemporary Art on the computer and I love digital art and how the computer has opened up a whole new realm in the art and graphics world. There are things that can be done on a computer that could not have even been imagined in the pre-history of the computer chip.  It’s a brave new world out there for anyone with the desire and patience to learn the ways of the Jedi Art Geek!

However, and this is a big however, I did not start my career using a keyboard and a Wacom tablet, I started my art career eons ago in a mist filled time before Photoshop, laser printers and Microsoft Word.  In those days we used words like typesetting, paste-up, lithography or original, canvas, Russian sable and acid-free.  I spent most of my life creating graphics and original art the old fashioned way using pencils, brushes, papers, canvas and other tools of the art trade.

I spent nearly 25 years producing fine art for sale at some of the major art shows in the United States.  My week days were spent in a studio where I was awash in paints and happily balancing 3 or 4 loaded brushes as I leaned over a giant canvas, sheet of watercolor paper or textured sculpture waiting for my creative juices to bring them to colorful life.  I have always been happy with a pencil, pastel or brush in my hand.

I retired from the art shows in May of 2008 and closed my studio – moving all my artistic efforts onto a hard drive and into a Jedi Art Geek style studio.  My colored pencils, sketch pads and paints were winnowed down and shoved into a drawer to collect dust.

But you cannot take the crayon out of the artist and I found myself one day opening that drawer and starting some doodling.  Another day I dug a little deeper and found a stack of little canvas boards and I suddenly had an urge to dig out the brushes and paints with an almost desperate yearning.  I missed the feel of the brush in my hand, I missed sticking that brush in my mouth to bring it to a point, I missed the way that honest to God paint will take on a life of its own and demand that you quit being a control freak.  I missed the smell of the paints, the splatters all over my clothes and body and I missed the sensual rush of applying a stroke of color to a virgin white vessel.

And so I have started a line of original paintings and drawings done just for my artistic soul.  I love color, I love the art of the sixties and the cartoon style of that era that became so pervasive in the culture.  I don’t have a lot of time for this project – it is going to be a treat to myself for those times when I need some “me” art time.  And I am going to sell these because the one thing I found out about myself is that if I horde my original art I tend to do a lot less of it!

So, don’t expect to see hundreds of these produced, don’t expect to see any kind of regular uploads of new pieces either.  I will do these whenever I can find a day to myself and can indulge in the pleasure of painting for painting’s sake.  I plan to post them for sale here and only here.  And yes, I will make copies of some of them and sell reproductions in various forms. But this is where I will be posting the originals.

Above are three of the sketches I did today while I was “taking a day off”.  I did not get the paints out today – it was the first real day of fall and the chill in the air has made my hands hurt a bit from the quick weather change. Besides, I had to spend a bit of time contemplating these little canvas boards and how I might use them.  Around mid-day I got the idea for Pop Art Divas by Pop Art Diva, I love doing  faces and I love pop art  – the concept was perfect and funny!

I’m hoping that Sundays will be my day for these little paintings and original art projects but I’ll take the time whenever I can find it.  I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy viewing and buying them as much as I plan on enjoying the creation of them.

It’s a good day when you can end it by saying “I made this today – before today this did not exist.”