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Revisiting Past Art – what comes around goes around

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I’ve spoken of doing art shows for nearly 25 years and thought you might like to take a look at some of the art I have done for these shows over the years. I’ve worked in oils, watercolor, colored pencil, acrylics and a dozen other mediums including sculpting, but you will definitely see a style and pop art approach to all of my work, especially when it comes to color.

My favorite mediums are watercolors and colored pencils, but I use the best medium for the end work – often that is acrylic because it dries quickly (good for transporting to a show that weekend!) and because it is a highly UV resistant and durable medium.

You can see some of the colored pencil Carousel Drawings I did in the eighties at my Carousel Corner Shoppe and here’s a link to some of my graphics and illustration samples.

Below are two examples of a series of one of a kind, hand painted and hand-built/turned wooden bowls, plates and boxes that I produced in the mid nineties – these sold for around $400 – $600 each:

Original Hand Painted Pop Art Bowl

Original Hand Painted Pop Art Bowl

Origianal Hand Painted Pop Art Box

Original Hand Painted Pop Art Box

The photos below are of the last few “Painted Sculpture Fusions” that I created and sold from the late nineties until I retired from art shows in May of 2008. First I sculpted the base “canvas” out of a patented sculpting medium that I developed which was very lightweight but extremely durable. I developed a technique of creating some really interesting textures in these sculptures which truly drove the whole work of art. Once the sculptures had cured I then proceeded to do an original acrylic painting on them – so they ended up being two originals, one a sculpture and one a painting. I’ve never seen anything like these anywhere before or since and doubt anyone will ever be able to ever completely copy the look because of the proprietary materials and techniques that I had developed. These sold from around $400 up to about $4000+ depending on the size.

Fill The Palette Of Your LIfe With Color - Original Acrylic on Original Sculpture Base

Fill The Palette Of Your LIfe With Color - Original Acrylic on Original Sculpture Base

Cruising in Color - Original Acrylic on Original Sculpture Base

Cruising in Color - Original Acrylic on Original Sculpture Base

Throughout my fine art and pop art work there is always a thread of the artists and genres that inspired and influenced me from the very beginning – linear, colorful, abstract with just the slightest touch of cartoon flavor.  You can see how Disney, Dali, Peter Max and other contemporary artists had their sway on my style.

This personal style shows up in my digital graphics and illustrations as well which you can see if you visit or any of my other websites and blogs – I’ve designed them all and done all the graphics for them.

I though it might be interesting to see where the Pop Art Divas come from – plus you might be able to see now why I am called Pop Art Diva, the artist formerly known as Terri 🙂


No White Paint??? Curses, foiled again!

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I’m very disappointed.  I went to set up my painting session, opened the drawer where my paints are and my white paint had dried up completely!  I cannot paint without white – oh, yeah I could do watercolor style using the acrylics as washes and the canvas for the white but that’s not what I want for my canvas Pop Art Divas.

Yeah, I can drive 15 miles to a Michaels’ and 15 miles back but there goes half my day.  So, no painting today.  I ordered supplies online and hopefully they’ll arrive by next weekend.

In the meantime, I think I’ll sketch a few Pop Art Divas on watercolor paper because I also ordered a nice big set of watercolors – I’m not getting caught out again, boy howdy!

I’m so disappointed I might end up eating this whole caramel apple pie:

If you can't paint - Eat?
If you can’t paint – Eat?

And if the pie doesn’t work I might have to dig into this:

My Friends, Ben & Jerry, will commiserate with me.
My Friends, Ben & Jerry, will commiserate with me.