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NEW ART FOR A NEW YEAR – Happy 2011!

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Here’s my latest design for PopArtDiva Land – Happy New Year 2011!
I don’t specialize in holiday designs but if you sell your art on merchandise like I do at The PopArtDiva Gift Gallery and The Martini Diva Boutique and my other online stores you need to do some holiday inspired themes!
I’ve done several for Halloween, my favorite holiday as well as a few for Christmas and I do have a holiday themed store online called HAPPY HOLLY DAZE where I post others for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and other holidays but hadn’t done one yet for New Years so this week I remedied that with my new HAPPY NEW YEAR POP ART.
I made the design available in two different versions; one for the particular year – in this case 2011 – and one that is a generic New Year Illustration so people had a choice between a generic New Year’s design and a specific one for that year.  Next year all I have to do is change the year and replace the 2011 design with the 2012 and I can do that every following year as well.
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NEW POP ART SERIES! Guitars, Skulls & the Big Bang Theory!

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pop art guitars


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I’ve started a new series of pop art illustrations I’m calling the Duo Series inspired by some of my favorite art from the sixties.  I grew up surrounded by graphic images like Peter Max’s wonderful iconic works, got invaded by Blue Meanies and the Beatles in cartoon form on the Yellow Submarine album and animated film, and I was weaned on Walt Disney features.

The cartoon images and bright colors were one of the first – and strongest – influences of my own personal art style.  Maybe I never grew out of my love for coloring books and comic books, but I love doing a linear illustration and then filling it with color and I love the playful approach to creating art.  I’ve done just about every style and used every medium out there over the last half century but, given the choice, I will produce work that reflects the times I grew up in and the style of art that I still love today.  This means colors from across the spectrum, playful imagery, humor and a slight touch of the psychedelic fringe.  I am a product of my environment!

Embarking on this series I knew I wanted to recreate some of that retro sixties style but I also wanted it to fit within the “pop art” genre of common every day objects being depicted.  I decided I could do this by creating one retro sixties style cartoon graphic then merging it with silhouettes of iconic objects from this era.  I started with a fun and classic Pop Art Sky Illustration and carried that over to Pop Art Guitars, silhouettes of classic guitars like a Fender, a Gibson, a Martini and a Les Paul.  Then, with Halloween fast approaching I was asked to do a skull drawing for a tattoo and that became the second Duo of the Series – Big Bang Black Hole Pop Art and Pop Art Skulls!

Pop Art Sixties Sky Big Bang Black Hole Pop Art

All of my work is created for Posters and Fine Art Giclees as well as t-shirts, cards, cups, aprons and even skateboards and shoes and you can purchase all these designs on those products at The PopArtDiva Gift Gallery.

You can also license these images for your product or marketing purposes by contacting me directly.