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CAT WOMAN IS A POP ART DIVA – Original Watercolor Painting

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Cat Woman - Original Pop Art Diva, Watercolor 8"x 12"CAT WOMAN

I managed to get six paintings done this weekend, Cat Woman is one of my favorites and it was entirely unplanned.

I don’t make any plans for these paintings when I draw them, I just start sketching and let the drawing take me where it chooses.  Sometimes I see something in them right away that names them, sometimes not.  Cat Woman immediately made me think of a woman wearing a cat mask though I hadn’t planned the face design that way, I just followed the natural contours of a woman’s profile.

The cool thing about this particular piece is that you can hang it either horizontally or vertically because of the orientation of the head.

original pop art watercolor Pop Art Diva - Cat WomanCAT WOMAN

an original watercolor and acrylic painting on 200 # cold press watercolor paper and is 8″ x 12″ in size.

$185.00 Plus Shipping*

(I ship by Boxed Priority Mail – if you live in the U.S. the total shipping cost is $12. If you live outside the US I can figure your shipping costs once I have your address.)

Care: Cat Woman should be framed and mounted under glass to protect her delicate sensibilities – watercolor divas are susceptible to UV and moisture damage!!!)

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NIGHT SKY – A Pop Art Diva Sky Scape Original

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Night Sky - 8"x10" Original Pop Art Diva Watercolor

Night Sky - 8"x10" Original Pop Art Diva Watercolor

I have quite a few sketches of just Pop Art Diva faces – because I really love doing women’s faces.  I wanted to do something a little different when I sketched this one.  I was thinking of a human landscape, using the hair for the sky.

I think it’s a nice concept and want to explore this a little more when I get a chance.  I love stars, moons and comets – they’ve shown up throughout my work my entire life.  I might even do a few simple abstract designs with no faces for fun.  This is also the only painting I’ve done so far without the rainbow color theme.

If you look closely at the hair that shapes up the clouds you’ll see evidence of one of my favorite texturing techniques – while the wash is till wet you sprinkle a few grains of Kosher salt on the area.  The salt draws the moisture from the surrounding area and creates a really fun texture on a flat wash.  This is an old watercolor trick from way back.   I used it here to give the effect of stars in the bottom half of the painting.

I’m relearning a lot of things about watercolor painting – like where not to rest your hand while you’re working and making sure you wait for areas to dry before you go to the next step.  I had to toss out 3 of my sketches last weekend because I smeared something or just plain messed up, it was very frustrating!  Creating art on a computer with a Wacom tablet you don’t have those issues, if you make a mistake you simply delete that layer or hit “undo” – man, I sure wish you could do that on a real painting! The computer is much more forgiving than real watercolors!

Fortunately, I am beginning to remember a lot of little tricks and work area practices from the old days and I was enjoying a much smoother painting experience towards the middle of Sunday.  But I had forgotten the pain of making a mistake that can’t be fixed or “deleted” with a click of a key.  Those 3 ruined paintings in the trash can just drove me nuts, lol.


is an 8″ X 10″ original watercolor

$125.00 Plus Shipping*

(I ship by Boxed Priority Mail – if you live in the U.S. the total shipping cost is $12. If you live outside the US I can figure your shipping costs once I have your address.)

Care: Electra should be framed and mounted under glass to protect her delicate sensibilities – watercolor divas are susceptible to UV and moisture damage!!!)

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Introducing the Pop Art Divas – Original Miniature Paintings by PopArtDiva

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First Sketches for Pop Art DivasLately I have found myself with a growing need to do some hands on painting and sketching again.  These days I spend most of my time doing Graphic Design, Illustration and Contemporary Art on the computer and I love digital art and how the computer has opened up a whole new realm in the art and graphics world. There are things that can be done on a computer that could not have even been imagined in the pre-history of the computer chip.  It’s a brave new world out there for anyone with the desire and patience to learn the ways of the Jedi Art Geek!

However, and this is a big however, I did not start my career using a keyboard and a Wacom tablet, I started my art career eons ago in a mist filled time before Photoshop, laser printers and Microsoft Word.  In those days we used words like typesetting, paste-up, lithography or original, canvas, Russian sable and acid-free.  I spent most of my life creating graphics and original art the old fashioned way using pencils, brushes, papers, canvas and other tools of the art trade.

I spent nearly 25 years producing fine art for sale at some of the major art shows in the United States.  My week days were spent in a studio where I was awash in paints and happily balancing 3 or 4 loaded brushes as I leaned over a giant canvas, sheet of watercolor paper or textured sculpture waiting for my creative juices to bring them to colorful life.  I have always been happy with a pencil, pastel or brush in my hand.

I retired from the art shows in May of 2008 and closed my studio – moving all my artistic efforts onto a hard drive and into a Jedi Art Geek style studio.  My colored pencils, sketch pads and paints were winnowed down and shoved into a drawer to collect dust.

But you cannot take the crayon out of the artist and I found myself one day opening that drawer and starting some doodling.  Another day I dug a little deeper and found a stack of little canvas boards and I suddenly had an urge to dig out the brushes and paints with an almost desperate yearning.  I missed the feel of the brush in my hand, I missed sticking that brush in my mouth to bring it to a point, I missed the way that honest to God paint will take on a life of its own and demand that you quit being a control freak.  I missed the smell of the paints, the splatters all over my clothes and body and I missed the sensual rush of applying a stroke of color to a virgin white vessel.

And so I have started a line of original paintings and drawings done just for my artistic soul.  I love color, I love the art of the sixties and the cartoon style of that era that became so pervasive in the culture.  I don’t have a lot of time for this project – it is going to be a treat to myself for those times when I need some “me” art time.  And I am going to sell these because the one thing I found out about myself is that if I horde my original art I tend to do a lot less of it!

So, don’t expect to see hundreds of these produced, don’t expect to see any kind of regular uploads of new pieces either.  I will do these whenever I can find a day to myself and can indulge in the pleasure of painting for painting’s sake.  I plan to post them for sale here and only here.  And yes, I will make copies of some of them and sell reproductions in various forms. But this is where I will be posting the originals.

Above are three of the sketches I did today while I was “taking a day off”.  I did not get the paints out today – it was the first real day of fall and the chill in the air has made my hands hurt a bit from the quick weather change. Besides, I had to spend a bit of time contemplating these little canvas boards and how I might use them.  Around mid-day I got the idea for Pop Art Divas by Pop Art Diva, I love doing  faces and I love pop art  – the concept was perfect and funny!

I’m hoping that Sundays will be my day for these little paintings and original art projects but I’ll take the time whenever I can find it.  I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy viewing and buying them as much as I plan on enjoying the creation of them.

It’s a good day when you can end it by saying “I made this today – before today this did not exist.”